We were having lunch.


The person in question is now staying in the Unites States.


Maria likes to eat fresh fruit, because it is very healthy.

Last Sunday I relaxed at home.

It's not as simple as it seems.

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School is over... for now.

They're afraid of me.

What exactly do you have in mind?

I didn't get the meaning.

Someone could be hurt.


I don't have enough information yet to make a good decision.

Andreas feels hatred towards Angela.

Before retiring from her company, Anna reached the level of vice president.

Do you love my eyes more than you love me?

The meeting broke up at four.

She was late to school.

She told me that I lacked manliness.

Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Who are you pointing at?

Let's take it one step at a time.

Perhaps the illness is cured through medical treatment.

Harold didn't want to work in Boston.

Don't let them see you're afraid.

She was raising four kids.

The rota for the next week had not been released yet.


Cristi is in the other room, unpacking boxes.

I really wish you hadn't told Gregory that.

Seth likes Sandy.


It's rainy again.

This book is Paolo's.

This shower is broken.

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What's your advice?


I said get out of my way.

We get a lot of requests.

The rumor is abroad throughout the town.

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He is roasting coffee beans.


What would you have done?

Syed and Paul helped each other.

He got back at six.

What Morton really wanted to eat was chocolate pudding.

Their baby can walk.

Wes walked as far as he could.

He whistled as he walked.

I'm interested in the society page of that newspaper.

A pizza topped with mozzarella is my first choice.

It is better for you to act by legal means.

When I was on the point of leaving London, it began to snow.

Your efforts resulted in the success.

His sympathy is just for show.


They like the boy looking at them.

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I skipped breakfast.

Let Erick leave.

The hotel room where we stayed was shabby.

Please check all the items on this list.

I wouldn't think of doing that.

The fire alarm sounded.

We have to take steps to prevent air pollution.

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This is fantastic!


And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

Amos ordered a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee.

I have got to leave here early tomorrow morning.

It is necessary that everybody observe these rules.

It's not what you think.


You'll be asked why you want to be a teacher.

She wasn't dancing with him then.

You can't blame this problem on Marcel.

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Dan roomed with Matt.

In which case, I was also requested to invite all of you so if you would please accompany me...

Why are you asking all these questions?

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Why are we doing this?

He's quick with girls.

I stand a better chance alone.

A little quieter, please.

Last month he had his house painted white.

Tricia eventually pleaded guilty.

Sanjeev went to get some ice.


You must not put on weight.

We have no way of getting home.

He forgot all of his friends.

Gary left because of you.

Kerry certainly doesn't get along very well with George.


Christopher apologized to the families of the victims for the explosion at the factory.

He tried to comfort her.

What stench! Do you suffer from gas?

I was anxious.

The girl walking with Ken is May.

You should be prudent in deciding which way to go.

Did you have a nice weekend?


In order to be a skeptic, maybe you should not be an expert.

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Michael felt like a new man.

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Have you a dictionary today?


Do you like me, too?


Sergiu walked all the way home.

The terrified woodcutter fled as fast as his legs would carry him.

I wish you didn't hang out with Linder. I don't like him.

The U.S. is a service economy.

Spanish and Portuguese are practically the same.

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I like these.

I am certain that he will pass the exam.

I don't want anybody writing about me.

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A portion of the island was destroyed by the massive waves.

I was deceived by a person who I had thought was a friend of mine.

Who did you go there with?

That would take about three minutes.

Why did you decide to stay?


Why are you carrying a gun?

It's a leather valise.

What've you done now, Aimee?

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Penny put the knife on the table.

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The party was pretty boring at first.


Are you sure you don't want me to call Jill?

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Girls were not allowed to go out with boys without a chaperone.

Have you ever drawn an animal?

I have got a computer and I use it every day.

The room is now ready for you.

I saw the pictures.


I like the sound of that Bell!

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How are you going to help us?

Get your mother to do your homework!

What in the world did you buy?

If you're not quiet, I'm going to ask you to leave.

What's the weather in your country now?

It is necessary for that car to have a check.

His teeth are yellow.

My sister is a clutz, and that's her drawback.

Thousands of people sleep rough in the freezing cold.

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I think I need some fresh air.

I'll have to give this some thought.

We won't hear from him.

What time is Juliet picking you up?

We've suffered a minor setback.

I want one, too.

He's a caution when liquored.

Please let me off at the next stop.

Dan bailed Matt and Linda out.


I like you a great deal.

Are you involved in politics?

What's your favorite drinking song?

That will benefit the community.

He's already been offered a couple of positions but he tells me he's holding out for a better salary.

I don't want to go outside.

He said to me: "Children are like small animals."

I'm sure you'll find someone pretty quickly.

Moses could have helped me, but he didn't.


Is that uncommon?


Leave, please!

The plane took off at exactly ten o'clock.

They made up their minds to go by car in spite of bad weather.

He had a wonderfully powerful memory.

Rob asked what I was going to do.

He gave an angry shake of his head.

I don't remember them.

I gave her an apple.

He bought that house because his wife took a fancy to it.

That's an offensive question.

I'm still waiting for my money.

Don't confuse astrology with astronomy.

Our host offered us a drink.

Charlene seems to be depressed this morning.

The manager opened the door and identified himself.


I've told you a zillion times not to do that.